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Leader Effectiveness Training (L.E.T.) is a valuable communication training for small to medium companies where employers want to have a long-term relationship with employees and where employees can communicate honestly and suggest improvements for the business. This is possible if employees and employers know how to communicate effectively. Let's help you build a great company where your employees can share your vision and passion with you.

Imagine this is your workplace: Managers who seek others' input and really hear it. Leaders who enable others to solve their own problems. Leaders that build consensus through collaborative power, not just because of their job title. People who are excited to come to work and work hard to make your company prosper?


Leader Effectiveness Training (L.E.T.) is a workshop designed to help participants learn the principles and skills needed to increase their effectiveness in their current and future roles. We have in-person and online workshops. 


Online L.E.T. Workshops: We offer them in two formats: Option 1. Six (6) 3-hour sessions ; Option 2. Twelve (12), 1.5-hour sessions – there is a 12 participant maximum for online workshops.


Onsite L.E.T. Workshops: We also offer private Onsite Workshops – we send a facilitator to you. Delivery option 1. A three (3) day workshop at company’s location/online. Option 2. A three (3) day workshop once per week over 3 weeks.

In-Person Open-enrolment L.E.T. Workshops: Tuition workshop (In-person or Online).


Contact us, and let's talk about it. We're really good at listening or email us for more information on pricing and scheduling etc.

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Leader Effectiveness Training

L.E.T. has changed countless corporations and private businesses with its down-to-earth communication and conflict-resolution skills. Dr. Gordon's L.E.T. program is a core program in more than 1,000 corporations around the world, including many Fortune 500 companies.

in-person workshops

We bring Leader Effectiveness Training (L.E.T.) to your location. Our workshops are led by a certified L.E.T. Facilitator. Three days (20 persons max) in length.

online classes

Learn the skills of Leader Effectiveness Training (L.E.T.) via Zoom. Our online workshops are led by a certified L.E.T. Facilitator. They are three days (6 persons max) in length.

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Be Your Best

Be Your Best (B.Y.B.) is a Services SETA accredited course that teaches skills on how to handle conflict in the workplace as well as personal and professional relationship and development skills —skills you can use in all areas of your life. This course also provides training in assertive skills, handling anxiety, and setting goals for becoming more fulfilled. B.Y.B. is a unique and fun personal and professional development course created by the President and C.E.O. of Gordon Training International, Linda Adams, M.A. ​ | Unit Standard ID: 9533



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Confront another’s unacceptable behaviour without harming the relationship. Recognise conflict situations and mediate conflict between others.

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Recognise when team members need your help as a skilled listener. Use silence, acknowledgments and door-openers to help another person with a problem.

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Active Listen to clarify information. Determine what to do when another’s behaviour is interfering with you meeting your needs.

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Distinguish between Conflicts-of-Needs and Values Collisions. Learn how to handle Values Collisions in the workplace.

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in-person workshops

We bring Be Your Best to your location. Our workshops are led by a certified B.Y.B. Facilitator.

online classes

Learn the skills of Be Your Best (B.Y.B.) via Zoom. Our online workshops are led by a certified B.Y.B. Facilitator.


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